Photo by our buddy dan

Photo by our buddy dan

Inspired by the greatest music of the past century, Chase the Bear draws inspiration anywhere from the incredible songwriting of The Beatles, the hard-hitting instrumental proficiency of Led Zeppelin, and various elements of funk, soul, and modern rock in between. Lead singer Troy Gilmore dominates the stage with his electrifying presence and smoky, powerhouse vocals while the rest of the band deliver tasty harmonies, raw musicianship, and an incredible amount of energy that rises throughout the show - a collaborative and intimate experience that ends with an explosion of talent, passion, sweat, and occasionally confetti.

A band of brothers also consisting of Connor Brooks, Leo Gilmore, Braedan Royer, and Jordan Phillips, they show unrivaled chemistry on stage, further showing that this is more than just a rock n’ roll revival band - this is a new animal that shows five small-town young men can do something genuine and unique, all the while having the time of their lives.

Since their inception in 2017, Chase the Bear is quickly making a name for themselves on the west coast. In the wake of 2018, they won Live Acts’ Best in Vancouver competition at the sold-out Railway Stage & Beer Cafe and in March 2018, they caught the eye of radio DJ Jon Williams (The Zone 91.3) after a show at Victoria’s Capital Ballroom, who commented,

“You must see this band. Let’s help them establish a core base and turn this into their proper new home. Canada is dripping in talent … Chase The Bear were relentless from start to finish.”

In July to September 2018, Chase the Bear was featured in the Beatroute Magazine twice, appeared on Pacific Sound Radio, and went on a nine-date, multi-province tour, which included a performance at Grizfest Music Festival alongside Bret Michaels, Monster Truck, The Lazys, and other Canadian talent. 

In late September to early October, Chase the Bear will be going into Vancouver’s Monarch Studios to record their debut EP, three songs produced by Band of Rascals’ Malcom Owen-Flood (Lovecoast, Malahat, Jesse Roper).